How to know if you need a Plumbing Inspection in Winchester, VA?


A plumbing inspection is the process of making sure that your plumbing fixtures are installed correctly and work properly. It can be difficult to know if you need any type of plumbing inspection because it appears so simple. Most people think that all they need to do is remove their old fixture, install a new one, and then turn on the water. While this process is fairly simple, there are a lot of steps that you can take to make sure that your plumbing fixture is installed correctly. Here are some signs that you should schedule for a plumbing inspection in Winchester, VA.

If you have an older home, you will probably want to schedule a plumbing inspection before you install any new plumbing fixtures. The reason is that older homes may not be built according to today’s standards. For example, there might be too much distance between the waterline and the fixture. This can allow for rust and corrosion from your water service line to form and make it difficult for the fixture to function properly.

If you have a newer home with a dishwasher, then the plumber might check out your dishwasher drain line. If you have a townhouse or condo, your roof might be lower than the unit above you. This can lead to the water in your shower draining into the ceiling of your neighbor’s unit and can cause damage to their apartment.

If you are experiencing faucet repair in your Woodbridge, VA residence, then you will need to schedule a plumbing inspection.  While one faucet leaking might not be a big problem, multiple fixtures leaking can lead to water damage in your walls and ceilings.

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